Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Week 13 - National and International support for flexible learning development

To do

  • Identify funding opportunities that could be appropriate for your plan (assignment 3) and write to your blog a brief outline of how you would apply for their funding and incorporate it into your over all development
  • Include notes of funding opportunities in your presentation (assignment 2) and in your plan (assignment 3).

I do not anticipate that my proposed Fexible Learning development plan will require extensive financial assistance! Now that is thinking sustainably! Most of the development can occur with the assistance of either EDC staff who have indicated their availability to assist with Digital literacy of programmes such as Moodle. Likewise the development of Course Genie and Discussion boards. Time release to develop these tools will need to be negotiated with my Head of School - this will not be able to be confirmed until later in November 2008 when all staffing allocations for 2009 are made.


Leigh Blackall said...

Well, the intention was for you to at least familiarise yourself with funding opportunities. Strictly speaking, EDC services are meant to be paid for by the departments that use them. In practice it has turned out differently. It would be good if you developed a system where by you kept up to date with the various funding that is available for education development.. you never know when you might need it.

Mereana said...

Point taken Leigh..i think i may have been running out of steam in the early hours of this morning!! However with your prompt i made a b line for the OP Teaching Innovation Fund information - but to my dismay i couldn't find it anywhere on OP site. can you help? I'd like to explore more.....as for my more immediate needs for course development in 2009 - i'm about to check in with my HOS re this process - so will keep you posted!

Leigh Blackall said...

Hmm, interesting.. you should give your feedback to the Polyears as to the difficulty you had in finding information about the innovation fund. Its probably on the Intranet instead on the Polytech website. Deep in some department somewhere, never to be found but for word of mouth. If you find it, perhaps copy it to your blog so you can serve the Google search result for it ;)

I reckon you'd be better off looking at AKO Aotearoa. Its a new range of National funding that will be around for at least a few years yet. Their funding may be larger scale than you need now, but better to spend your time looking at these I think, than the pocket money available otherwise...