Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Creating Courses to Enhance Learning - Assignment One

Analysis of learners and context:

Kia ora koutou /greetings to you all,

For those of you i haven't met and heard some of this information before ! I work i the School of Nursing as a fulltime lecturer my key teaching areas in the second year of the Bachelor of Nursing programme in courses titled Contemporary Issues in Maori health and Medical Surgical Nursing practice Skills. Both of these courses are compulsory and delivered to on avaerage 90-100 students per year. the demographic of this group is that they are predmoninately female, and have come directly to the programme as either school leavers or after one year of university study. the pre entry criteria for the course is such that it is anticipated that they have the necessary academic skills to cope with the course requirements.!! In saying that I'm sure it is no surprise to those of us who have been in this environment for a while that increasingly students are challenge by the need to complete the range of assessment required using frameworks of critical anaylsis/ discuss whilst also being required to integrate their theory knowledge to their nursing practice.

Another key consideration of delivery of education to student nurses in preparation for Registered Nurse status is the legal requirements which all Registered Nurses in New Zealand are bound by =- the Health Practitioners Competency Assurance Act (2003); The Registered Nurse Competencies for registration as a nurses ( Nursing Council of New Zealand) Education Programme standards for Registered Nurse Scope of Practice (NCNZ 2005) So whilst i anticipate looking fow ways to enhance my student learning in the courses which i teach I am mindful that i have these overarching requirements to consider.

The learner diveristy is considerable. Gender, Ethnicity, Migrant experience, Socio economic status, learning styles and academic capabilities. Each of these is also a key consideration which will need to be carefully considered during my exploration of this course. One aspect of this diversity which I intend to confirm at the next teaching block which i have with students is to assess learning styles which is something that i had not undertaken earlier in the year.

Look foward to seeing you all Friday.
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