Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CCEL - Implementation Plan - Assignment 4

What are the steps and the approximate timeline for the implementation of your course design? How can you be sure that this plan will satisfy the needs of the learners and the other stakeholders? At what stages will you need the resources that you have identified?

This information should be set out in a clear plan on a static webpage with links to relevant references, conversations, letters of support, minutes of meetings or any other relevant information. A Word document converted to a web page using Course Genie is the recommended technology to produce this (and training in its use will be provided), but any html editing programme with which you are already familiar may be used.
Marking criteria:
 Web page produced showing steps and timelines
 At least three relevant internal links and three relevant external links.

Watch this space as i struggle along with understanding the EXE programme formatting.....i've decided to take Carolyns advice and go with this option over the Course Genie option.....

If there is anyone out there that has some time to spare tomorrow that could assist i would be greatful.

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