Thursday, November 13, 2008

CCEL - Assignment 5 -Evaluation Plan

Hi all. this info is also listed on Blackboard discussion site as requested by Course requirements.

In anticipation of you being able to view my Presentation of my course design (which i have yet to do as i haven't quite mastered how to present it in a correct format via the EXE programme. !!) i thought i would outline my plans for evaluation and some associated thinking/linking !! One of the key resources that has informed my thinking and commenting has come from the Warwick Learning and Development Centre its a great resouce...take a look!! another useful site might be Survey Monkey
How will you evaluate the success of your new course design? and How will you monitor its success as you use it, and at the end of the first offering?I anticipate that i will be able to guage the success of this course by the evaluation processes which i put in place. See below for more information. I would also anticipate being able to access some information about how often students are acessing the site and what resources are being utilised. ie: attendance at elluminate sessions, participation in discussion boards. However, some of the evaluation data will not be available until the course is completed. At the end of the course an full evaluation will be required as part of our school requirements.
Who will you ask to review your design and test it before you go live?I anticipate that i will be asking colleagues from within the School of Nursing and Midwifery who are currently utilising Blackboard /Moodle sites and who are familiar with e learning resource development and facilitation to be able to access my site and to provide feedback to me regarding the resources i am developing. I have had committments from several colleagues already to make themselves available in early February 2009 to do this. This has been factored into my timeline for development (see course design presentation for further info)
I would also involve other educators from around New Zealand who are engage in teaching similar content ie: Maori Nurse educators and cultural safety educators to participate in providing feedback as to the design prior to it going live.

How will you gather your data?
What criteria will you use to judge success?

Some of the potential ways of gathering evaluation feedback on the effectiveness of my course changes (which are all e learning based) will be:

1)A pre-course survey or questionnaire to discover aspects of what each student brings to the course session, e.g. prior experience, personal motivation (also: one minute questionnaires)

2)Confidence logs after each kind of activity

Both of these options could be placed on the Moodle site as an identified link.

3)Post course questionnaire to elicit personal reactions to the experience, and to ask about the relative value each individual put on various resources or activities

And potentially the offer of a face to face interviews of a sample of students ie: focus group type setting for those student who would prefer to engage in feedback in this way
Other institutional requirements and School of Nursing course evaluations maybe able to be adapated to include questions relating to these topics as well. At present each course in evaluated on a bi annual basis if not major changes are made - in the instance of this course i would anticipate that a yearly evaluation wil be conducted in 2009.

What will you do with the information obtained?

I anticipate critiquing any feedback which is received during and at the end of the course to iniate changes if required. Formal evaluations are tabled with our School of Nursing External Advisory Committee for their information. There is also the intention that the feedback is published in Nursing Journals/ OP forums for wider dissemination.

Again , i welcome your feedback on my comments..


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