Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wk 7: April 21-27: Planning for flexible teaching and learning - start work on plan and presentations

Whilst i have had lots of thinking around the focus of my project/presentation and an englightening discussion with Bronwyn several weeks ago ( thanks Bronwyn!!) i have finally started to shape and refine my thinking a bit more over the last week. (possibly inspired by all of the fantastic presentations i watched!!) My first point of clarrity came by discussing my thinking with my colleague who co teaches the course which i intend to 'revamp' ie: contemporary issues in maori health. We discussed the limitations of our current format, ie: lectures and workshhops - neither of these have an attendance requirement. Further comment came from colleagues who teach in other second year courses. All have noticed attendance dropping over the last two years particularly in the face to face tutorial setting. Whilst some may argue that this is not an issue i would argue that in a profession such as nursing which requires practitioners to be able to engaged in dialogue with clients, famililes and other health professionals one of the essential skills studnets require is that of being able to discuss , debate , critique and integrate theory and clinical experiences. Moreover, the key learning outcome of alll of the courses in the Bachelor of Nursing programme is to develop Critical thinkers! How do we assist students to achieve this outcome? How this can be achieved in a forum other than face to face discussion is the challenge that i would like to explore in my DFLP project.

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