Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Week 2

Is flexible learning a new concept or just a fancy new word for an old way of doing? (Remember to back your response up with references or evidence.)

I'm a believer that the broad concept of flexible (or learner centred) learning has been around for centuries. Many cultures (and in some instances still do) ensure that the learners needs are central to the learning process. For example: Pre contact Maori society had a highly developed educational system and whilst knoweldge was deemed to be collective learning was always conducted in an environment which ensure the 'mana' integrity /authority of the learner. Obviously this approach was in direct conflict the the introduction of state education into NZ in the early part of 19th century. Wharehuia Hemara provides an excellenet context to this information in his publication he notes. The legacy of it ironically has bought us back to re examination of such approaches in such courses as GCLT.

What are you already doing in your practice that you believe enables flexible learning?
I guess i could be coy and say this course...however, i consider the use of emails, blackboard to be the extent of electronic medium related activities. Face to face facilitation would be the use of scenario based problem solving activities and small group work. Assessment methods such as seminar presentations also offer students with an opportunity to present their learning in another medium apart from writing.

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